Innovationspreis Bayern 2020 – pro-micron

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Engine parts, metallic implants and many other components are machined from compact blocks of material using so-called metal-cutting manufacturing processes. Machine tools for metal-cutting manufacturing are among the most complex manufacturing systems, as dynamics must be combined with rigidity and, above all, precision in the sub-micrometre range. Especially the interface between the machine and the respective cutting tool, the spindle, is highly mechanically stressed. Until now, the systems reached their limits because the analytical possibilities for deeper insights into the process and monitoring were not available.

By integrating sensitive force measurement technology (spike® sensor system) into the highly stressed interface between machine and tool and intelligently processing the sensor data, the spindle becomes “sentient”.

Coupled with the innovative load visualisation spike®_polar, the operator is shown the load on the individual tool cutting edge of the production process. This enables comprehensive process optimisation and monitoring with automated 100 per cent quality control of the workpiece.


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