AiSight – AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance Tools, Unlimited Machine Uptime

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Discover the predictive maintenance tools making unlimited machine uptime a reality. AiSight – the AI predictive maintenance company, providing easy-to-install sensors and powerful AI-driven analysis.

Get to know the AiSight solution. This video provides an overview of our predictive maintenance solution, from installation to analysis, alerts to support. Learn how easily you can prevent unplanned production downtime with predictive maintenance from AiSight.


00:00 | Introduction
00:14 | The AiSight predictive maintenance solution
01:05 | How to set up our predictive maintenance solution
01:26 | Receive early alerts of machine malfunctions
01:58 | SaaS and support

AiSight provides a complete predictive maintenance solution for industry, including both sensors and the software to interpret sensor readings. Our easy-to-integrate solution uses advanced AI to go beyond predictive maintenance, into the realm of machine diagnostics. AiSight’s 24/7 machine-monitoring solution not only predicts malfunctions, it can detect process errors and protect overall machine health.

Our plug-and-play Aion sensor nodes combine triaxial vibration sensors, triaxial magnetic field sensors, and temperature sensors – all in one waterproof and dustproof housing. The Aion attaches to any machine with magnets, screws, or adhesives – no machine modification required. Connect the Aion to our software with a secure Wi-Fi connection to access advanced analytics and immediate alerts of machine malfunctions.

Our in-browser dashboard, powered by machine-learning algorithms, provides an overview of all monitored machines, advanced warning of breakdowns, root-cause analysis of faults, and instant SMS and email alerts when machines display abnormal behavior. Our predictive maintenance solution detects faults – including pre-existing issues – on day one.

Want to learn more about AiSight’s predictive maintenance solution?


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