Laser Texturing & Cleaning Machine for Fuel Cell Bipolar Plates

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This laser cleaning & texturing machine is used to prepare fuel cell bipolar plates* for thermal spray coating. Specific areas are textured on one side of the plates, leaving other areas untouched. The other side of the plates are cleaned to remove contaminants.

Operators load bipolar plates on one side of the rotary table while other plates are textured and cleaned inside the machine. The machine is also ready for full automation, as operators can be replaced by robot arms for part loading.

Features shown in the video include:
✓ An intuitive HMI control panel to adjust parameters
✓ A Class-1 laser safety enclosure
✓ A dual-position rotary table to load plates while other plates are laser treated
✓ Magnetic fixtures to correct and prevent warping during processing
✓ An XYZ gantry system to move the laser head as needed
✓ A dust & fume extraction system to keep the work area tidy and ensure consistent results
✓ Air knives to keep dust off the laser lens
✓ A safety light curtain to make sure operators are safe at all times

* A basic metal plate is shown in the video instead of a bipolar plate to respect the client’s intellectual property.

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