KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen – reactive resin coating materials for industrially or commercially used floor and wall coverings

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The “Polestar Space” in Stuttgart is to set new standards for conventional car dealerships. The modernly designed exhibition space with a 350 sqm presentation area especially demanded a uniform and, above all, high-quality appearance from the floor coating.


With low-emission system G3 KLB INDUSTRIAL LOW-VOC PU Comfort Sealed, the requirements for a new generation of car presentation areas can be fully met. The clear and impressive look of the spacious room is accompanied by a continuous, jointless floor design. This puts the focus entirely on the cars on display and underlines the sales-promoting effect of the space. The showroom thus becomes an experience that remains in the visitor’s memory for a long time.


The optically highly appealing matt sealer KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 806 E serves as finish to the elastic coating KLB-SYSTEM POLYURETHAN PU 425 Comfort onto a scratch coat and primer KLB-SYSTEM EPOXID EP 57. The system build-up is fully low-emission and tested with Indoor Air Comfort Label Version 6.0 (2017). Its components have been certified for sustainable building according to DGNB, LEED oder Minergie ECO.


In addition to its visual appeal, the floor system offers easy cleaning. Even chemical substances such as engine oil or water-based solutions can be easily removed and therefore pose no danger to the floor. Due to the possible release of plasticisers, the tyres of permanently parked vehicles must be underlaid (in this case, Plexiglas sheets were used).


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KLB Kötztal Lacke und Beschichtungen GmbH – The systematic approach to great flooring.


Please feel free to contact us for further information about our KLB coating systems. On our website www.klb-koetztal.com, there are listed all our proven and tested wall or floor coverings for industry, commerce, but also for private areas with compelling interior design. We also have special flooring systems for car parks (surface protection systems), kitchen floor coatings, electrically conductive coverings (ESD, EX protection), UV-stable surfaces and top sealers that are non-yellowing, highly chemical-resistant systems or those who comply with WHG requirements for water resources – just to name a few of the application areas in which our epoxy, polyurethane or PMMA resin (polymethyl methacrylate) coatings can play to their advantages.


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