Robot-Assisted Busbar Laser Welding (patent pending)

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This laser welding technology (patent pending) was developed to meet demanding production requirements for EV batteries, where a single laser welding machine can replace multiple wire bonding machines. It is without a doubt the fastest welding process in the industry. Here’s how it works.

While a single, high-power laser head performs all the welding, robot arms apply pressure on welded surfaces to guarantee zero gap between the busbar and the cell terminals. Using multiple robots makes the best use of the high-power laser system, as it optimizes the laser’s work time.

Busbars are directly welded to cylindrical cells instead of connected via wires with ultrasonic bonding. The force applied to the busbar is dynamically monitored. An integrated vision system also detects each cell’s exact position to account for any positioning variations. Welding quality is monitored real time using laser welding monitors (LWMs).

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