WE ARE COLD JET: Company Overview

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The force of nature.

This defines Cold Jet as a company, from customers to employees.

Our customers, and technologies, improve the environment by using recycled CO2 as dry ice.

CO2 is the byproduct of many industrial processes.

Typically, this CO2 is released into the atmosphere as industrial waste.

But, the CO2 used to make dry ice is captured and given a second life as a cooling and cleaning medium.

From food to pharmaceuticals, dry ice maintains critical temperatures and reduces emissions.

This eliminates the need for additional refrigeration, which burns more fuel and releases more pollutants.

Dry ice blasting helps industrial companies achieve sustainability goals by eliminating the use of clean water and toxic chemicals without creating secondary waste.

Operator safety is at the forefront of our products.

Our environmentally sustainable cleaning and cooling methods ensure operators are safe by removing harsh chemicals and repetitive motion.

Since 1988, Cold Jet has been the innovator in dry ice technologies.

We continually enhance the efficiencies of our machines, and the environment around us, through innovation.

Starting with one facility and 25 employees, Cold Jet has grown to 13 service centers located in 10 countries.

Nearly 300 Cold Jet employees serve a global install base upwards of 20,000 machines – with no signs of slowing down.

We are Cold Jet. We are the force of nature.

Learn more at https://www.coldjet.com/