New Motion Labs – Performance: Engineered Drivetrain

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Meet our Founder and Director of Engineering – Marcel Fowler.

New Motion Labs is a remarkable story of engineering ingenuity. A story of disruptive technologies and groundbreaking engineering solutions that are designed to counter the world’s most fundamental engineering problems.

We believe there’s nothing we can’t do if we apply our drive, determination and engineering excellence to it. In the process, we’re creating revolutionary, precision-engineered solutions that challenge convention and deliver the power to change lives and secure the fortunes of businesses across the globe.

Our flagship product, Enduo, has seen us re-engineer the ubiquitous drivetrain for the first time in over 100 years. The game-changing Enduo chain drive is transforming performance cycling, e-mobility and industrial applications and markets across the globe in ways that were, until now, unimaginable.

Discover how we’re giving forward-thinking Cargo, E-Bike, performance cycling, micro mobility OEMs, fleet managers and cyclists a critical competitive, winning edge.