Rensair: Portable hospital-grade air purifier

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Clean air has never been more important. We have made hospital-grade air purifiers available globally.

The Rensair air purification technology was originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals, meeting strict air quality requirements. It is a patented solution that uses the most advanced purification technology and the efficacy is documented by independent laboratories including Eurofins, Norconsult and Oslo University Hospital.

Rensair destroys more than 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses.

The Rensair air purifier consists of a germicidal ozone free UVC lamp placed in the centre of a cylindrical high quality H13 HEPA filter, to not only capture but also inactivate viruses and bacteria trapped on the filter surface. The constant UVC illumination of the entire filtration area ensures a continuous disinfection process, resulting in a safer product to operate and maintain.

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