The ApiJect Platform

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ApiJect™ is a global medical technology company creating the future of pharmaceutical injections.

ApiJect products provide the superior convenience, quality, and safety of prefilled injectors at the manufacturing scale and the cost-efficiency of multi-dose formats – regardless of manufacturing volume.

Our Platform achieves this by bringing together two globally trusted manufacturing technologies: Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) aseptic filling and high-precision plastic injection molding. Our Platform’s simple, compact supply chain uses widely available raw materials, ensuring reliability and resilience.

The ApiJect Platform’s promise can be seen in our first device, a single-dose prefilled injector, that is designed to enhance existing commercial markets and global healthcare accessibility, enabling more healthcare professionals to administer necessary medications and vaccines to patients.

• Technology
Expanding BFS to create prefilled drug delivery systems for injectables and other formats.
• Current U.S. Capacity
Fill-finish capabilities range from small batch runs to as much as 45 million units/month through CMO partners.
• Design Services
Working with pharma companies to design scalable, cost-effective drug delivery systems for sterile liquids.
• Manufacturing Services
Assist our pharma partners in fill-finishing their products in ApiJect drug delivery systems.
• Experience
Diverse team with deep BFS and pharma knowledge both on manufacturing and machinery.

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